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Why Buy Raw Honey?

Raw honey is pure and unprocessed, originating directly from its source – honey bees. Atlanta Honey Company collects raw honey in an unpasteurized and unheated state which retains the honey’s organic health benefits. No synthetic chemicals or antibiotics are used on the hives. We carry many types of local honey including Wildflower Honey, and the world famous Sourwood Honey.


What Is Natural Honey?

Natural honey is untainted by additives and artificial preservatives, retaining the honey’s natural enzyme actions as well as its natural taste, smell, and satisfying consistency. No chemical preserving agents are added, assuring the honey’s natural health benefits including vitamins, minerals, and immune strengthening antioxidants.

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Why Support the Honey Industry?

Atlanta Honey Company takes great pride in promoting the natural honey industry in all of its products. Sadly, beginning in 2006 and still persisting today, many beekeepers report a decline in honey production due to a mysterious loss of brood and worker count in honeybee hives. While the debate continues over the cause of this epidemic, ranging from more intensive farming methods to the use of toxic pesticides and chemicals, Atlanta Honey Company maintains the view that with natural honey harvesting methods and environmentally sensitive beekeeping techniques this epidemic can be overcome. By supporting non-industrialized beekeepers such as Atlanta Honey Company, consumers have the opportunity to aid the struggle of the honeybee to overcome this debilitating epidemic by supporting the production of natural and healthy honey.

Raw honey is healthy

What Are the Benefits Of Eating Natural Raw Honey?

Eating and cooking with natural raw honey is an essential ingredient in leading a healthy lifestyle. Honey can replace sugar in most recipes, providing beneficial and nourishing energy enhancers not found in conventional sweeteners. Research has found that honey contains valuable vitamins and minerals and promotes the body’s metabolism of fat. Because of its natural antioxidant properties, honey rejuvenates the body’s immune system, restoring a natural and healthy state.